I hope you enjoy my blogs, books and short stories. My first blog series is titled “Did You Ever Wonder?” It asks questions about the Bible you may or may not have considered before. .


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Witness in Time, the second installment in “The Witness” trilogy, is available on Amazon.

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Through a series of strange dreams, Joseph Jacobs was able to lead a murderer on death row to the Lord hours before his execution. Now, a new series of dreams set in the past seem to be placing him on a different path. Will he undo everything God had been able to do through him or will he be able to stop the murders before they happen?

The second book in “The Witness” series is full of suspense and adventure, while also revealing spiritual insights.

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Witness in Dreams is available in eBook format, as well as paperback, on Amazon!

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It is the first installment in “The Witness” trilogy, a fictional account of how God uses an ordinary man in an extraordinary way.

Joseph Jacobs struggles to effectively share his newfound faith until a series of dreams brings results in the real world. Now a recurring nightmare reveals prophetic clues about a double murder that has yet to happen. Can he solve the mystery in time to save the victims and the murderer?